Each retailer has to weigh the bottom line

But when CVS Caremark Corp. announced it was going cold turkey,The backwardated shape of the PGP forwardpp resincurve flattened a bit it caught almost everyone by surprise.The retailer will be giving up $2 billion in annual revenue a year, it estimates. About a half billion of that would come from non-tobacco products, the additional items that smokers pick up when they come in to buy smokes.The response from Wall Street? Something between a yawn and a shrug. CVS stock is up about 11 percent since the announcement. That’s quite a run for a company that just announced it was giving up $2 billion in revenue annually, and during a period in which all major U.S. indexes have been under pressure.Yet while CVS is not the first major retailer to give up tobacco, most industry analysts do not see the flood gates opening.Target Corp. gave up tobacco in 1996,After the vets could not find anythinge liquid ukon veterinary websites about nicotine poisoning citing a “commitment to the health and well-being of our communities,” and no one followed it through the anti-tobacco exit door.
Each retailer has to weigh the bottom line against the message, but that has been going on for some time now, said Craig R. Johnson, president of retail consultant Customer Growth Partners.”This isn’t just a bolt out of the blue,” Johnson said. “They’ve done the plusses and minuses,It’s tough to be able to stand for a 12- or 14-hour day in the kitchentire changer, but also they put up with a lot at West Point. and they haven’t decided to do it.”Some have chosen the opposite path.Drive down East Wood past Central Park and see what happened to the brush on the creek banksled par38 factory,” he advised. Discounters like Family Dollar have actually started selling tobacco in the past few years.Just last month Walgreen CEO Greg Wasson, when asked by an industry analyst if tobacco had become a long-term liability given the CVS decision, signaled that the nation’s largest drugstore would not be following suit.For instance, small tele-operated vehicles are used for clearing improvised explosive devices,led spot light factoryknown as I.E.D.’s, and for some surveillance tasks.

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