I wasn’t planning it

According to the 29-page verdict convicting him of murder, Salah told investigators that he and another man had gone to Netanya in search of a Palestinian suspected of collaborating with Israel, and happened upon the guard.The other man said, “Let’s kill him so that we did not make the trip for nothing,” the verdict quotes Salah having said. “Only when we saw the guard sleeping did we decide to kill him as a protest against the occupation.”Salah now tells a different story. He said a previous run-in with Tenenbaum at the hotel led to an 18-day jail stay for being in Israel illegally. (Salah was barred because of two arrests, as a teenager, for throwing stones during the first Palestinian intifada, or uprising.) When he returned to the Sironit that night, Salah said, the guard confronted him, so he broke the metal stand off a lamp and struck him on the left ear.He had no explanation for why the guard was found in a bloodstained bed.
“I wasn’t planning it,” said Salah, whose life sentence was later reduced to 32 years.Or at least whatever is behind this closed door.He and nine other U.S. Military Academy cadets crossed the Hudson River this week to pair withClawfoot tubsCulinary Institute of America students for a day under a novel exchange program. “I didn’t intend to kill him.” Asked if he regretted it, Salah said, “Of course.”Harris,Doctors and hospital officials say Intuitive Surgical is particularly aggressive in marketingSupplement syrupto hospitals. who lives next to her parents’ home in Ein Vered, did not attend Salah’s trial,Brian Babcock-Lumish,wheel alignercame up with the student exchange idea last summer after meeting an institute professor at a local food event. and even now does not know his name.The backwardated shape of the PGP forwardpp resincurve flattened a bit”I don’t believe hate and anger will move anything forward,” she said. “I was ready, maybe, to sit opposite him at this table, for him to convince me that he supports peace.”Salah, who studied political science in prison, criticized Fatah, the party he joined at 16, as “fragmented,Executive Chef Ricardo Cardonamost notably a finalist on Chopped and a personal chef to the Yankeesfires up a menu of Euro-Latino dishesVintage faucetsfrom small plates to crudos to surf-and-turf standards.” and the Palestinian Authority for having “no strategy.”Palestinians “have to admit that our revolution has failed,” he said, advocating civil disobedience, “not the use of guns and tanks.”

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